White heart

A heart that is pure,

Will be forever more.

A symbol of cleanliness and love,

Lies the color white, from above.

Friendship and trust,

With never a fuss.

Glory and unity,

For numerous opportunities.

Happiness excells,

With riviting stories to tell.

A heart so bright,

Deeply reflects the color white.


People misunderstood the meaning of kindness
Kindness is not a weakness
It’s strength
The strength to continue to give
Even though people used you for your kindness




Creativity is a spark that lights the fire,
Creativity is the genius in the soul,
Creativity is the genuine attraction in the heart,
Creativity is the spark in the eyes,
Creativity is the champion of obstacles,
Creativity is the essence of surprise.



Hello all, I’m new to WordPress, I started writing when I was in 8th grade and am writing from then! I came to WordPress in May but couldn’t post at all because I got admitted to a university in Pune and got busy. But now I’m back and I’ll post here.

Meanwhile I came across many good posts of bloggers, very talented and nice. Hope I get enough support from all.

Thank you.


I love you because you make me happy
I love you because you make me feel safe and secure
I love your smile
I love the way you say my name
I love the look in your eyes when you tell me you love me
And how you laugh at me when I do something stupid, when others would put
me down.
I love the fact that when I’m around you I can be myself and not worry
about what you may think of me, because I know you love me for who I am. 
No matter what my faults may be.
I love being able to wake up with you by my side… It makes my days

I love your laugh
I love hearing your voice
I love that you get along with my family and friend, no matter how much
you dislike them, or who they are.
And hearing you tell me your stories, you could tell them to me a thousand
times, and I will never get tired of them, because they are a part of you.

But the main reason I love you is because…..

You are you!


What is happiness?


When you let go of the negative
And embrace the positive,
When you decide to smile
Instead of frown,
When you destroy your demons

And stop listening to them,
When you open your windows
And breathe the life around you,

You finally feel this wondrous sensation
Called happiness.



I was a little chubby girl , held in a yellow jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit hasn’t left me , but it was I who grew up.

I walked with little feet in the ground , I cuddled and cried when i had hit the ground .

But I never stopped the search  for that tree.

The tree which would accomplish my dream for a beautiful house on the tree.

The blue sky seemed as if was a linen bed sheet.

The grass of green was teddy Bear’s hairy long feet.

Candy’s has proved to be my esctasy.

I ran around the fields with my eyes wrinkling out of sight.

This place was big and I was a mere shadow of this big cloud.

I waited for the rain  and wished for a puddle that will be my small boat’s sea.

The puddle of my dirty water was more than big for me.

I waited for the biat and waited for the rain , the rains that now are moments to weep again.

The moments that passed by and leave with blissful happy times , 

Millions of more memories that will be the scrounging gold in the heap of dirty pride.